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ADVANCE ACOUSTIC MAP-101 Integrated Amplifier

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Integrated Stereo Amplifier (2 x 50 watts) The amplifier MAP 101 is the first model in our range, and yet, it represents a true technological achievement. With MAP 101, nothing was left to chance, all the components are sound-friendly and its large toroïdal transformer guarantees a high reserve of power, as well as a delicate and subtle rendering of your favorite music. Besides, the amplifier MAP 101, is of an outstanding design in its category. In fact, a commutator "HIGH BIAIS" in the rear panel of the device, enables to commute the amplifier in class A* up to 10 Watts. Beyond this limit, the amplifier commutes automatically in class AB** to reach an output of 45 watt per channel. The number of plugs enable numerous connections to different sources, such as a phono input, for a turntable equipped with a MM cartridge as well as a plug for a headset. It is also possible to disconnect the pre-amplifier section, from the amplifier section, to use a subwoofer for example. A remote control device delivered with MAP 101 will make it easier to use *Class A imposes a constant current in the power transistors whatever the requested power(up to 10 Watts, in the case of MAP 101), which significantly improves the dynamic response of the amplifier. **Class AB adjusts a variable current in the power transistors according to the requested power. Optional : the WTX500 module. This « Plug and play » module allows to use all the smartphones, iPod, iPad, iPhones, Tablets, and computers, in wireless digital connection with a CD quality. So you can manage your music from your Sofa! WTX500 is Available. Download Specifications Les mesures POWER OUTPUT 8 Ohms 2 X 45 W FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-3 DB ) 10 Hz - 65 kHz S/N RATIO ≥ 90 dB CHANNEL SEPARATION ≥ 90 dB INPUT IMPEDANCE 10 kΩ INPUT IMPEDANCE PHONO (MM) 47 kΩ IN LEVEL (CD,AUX) < 550 mV IN LEVEL AMPLIFIER 1,25 V IN LEVEL PHONO (MM) 2,5 mV AC INPUT 230 V P.CONSUMPTION MAX < 180 W TRANSFORMERS NUMBER 1 (200 VA) Dimensions et poids DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) Cm 10 X 43,5 X 33 NET WEIGHT/GROSS WEIGHT (Kg) 6 / 7 kg

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