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NOVATION LaunchPad Pro (Front Angle view)
NOVATION LaunchPad Pro (Front Angle view)

NOVATION LaunchPad ProMk3

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  • Enhance Your Performance:Take hands-on control of your music with seamless Ableton Live integration.
  • Make Dynamic Beats:Create expressive drum performances using velocity-sensitive pads.
  • Easily Apply Effects:Get creative by controlling effects, instrument devices and plug-ins mid-performance.
  • Make Music Immediately:Comes with everything you need to start performing your music.
  • Control Just About Anything:Use the grid to control any music software and external hardware.
  • Play It Like An Instrument:Easily play notes, melodies and chords on a chromatic keyboard layout.
  • Build Your Own Creations:Download and control a growing library of Max for Live devices.
  • Focus On Your Music:RGB pads match the colour of your clips in Ableton Live's session view.
  • Mix Without Losing Focus:Get slick immediate access to all your mixer controls mid-performance.
  • Take It Anywhere:Compact, lightweight and bus-powered, tough enough to survive the roughest gigs.
NOVATION LaunchPad Pro Mk3

The Easiest Way to Take Full Control of Ableton
LaunchPad Pro is the simplest and best way to create dynamic, expressive performances in Ableton Live, or any music software.

It's an Instrument - Play it!
Launchpad Pro is an instrument designed for live performance. The new RGB pads light up to match the colour of your clips in Ableton Live's session view, so you can see at a glance which clips are playing.


All your sounds spread across the whole grid, on velocity and pressure-sensitive pads which let you create expressive beats.


The grid illuminates as a chromatic keyboard, so you can easily play notes, melodies and chords.

Stay in Your Flow

Launchpad Pro is much more than an instrument: it also gives you slick, immediate access to all your mixer controls mid-performance, so you stay in your flow. There's no need to enter a separate mixer mode; simply press and hold a mixer function button (like mute or volume), make a change, and then release the button to drop straight back into your performance.

Scale Mode

Press the Note and Shift buttons to switch Launchpad Pro to Scale Mode. The pads automatically assign themselves to the notes of one of 32 keys and modes, making it impossible to play out of key. Seven Overlap options enable the relative positioning of notes on each row to be offset, while Chromatic 4th Mode keeps the pads assigned to the chromatic series but highlights the notes of the selected scale or mode within it.

Stay in Control of Everything

Control your effects, instrument devices and plug-ins mid-performance to add engaging, expressive effects. For super smooth effect transitions, the button grid also turns into eight velocity-sensitive vertical faders, with LED feedback - the harder you hit the pad, the faster the transition.

Helping you find your new sound

Music making is all about the journey, and we’re always looking for new ways to inspire you along the way. That’s why we’ve created the Sound Collective. Receive free versions of the most innovative software instruments and creative FX from developers we admire, as well as discounts to help you make the most of third-party software, exclusive to Novation customers. All you have to do is register your Novation gear, and one offer will be featured in your Novation account every couple of months. 

Addictive Keys

The Addictive Keys virtual instrument from XLN Audio is on the house when you register your controller keyboard or the Launchpad Pro. One full license per account is available for existing and new customers.


Now expanded from 1GB to a whopping 4GB, the Loopmasters sample library included with every Novation Product is packed with professional quality, royalty-free loops and one-shots.

Encompassing all contemporary genres – from blues, funk and hip-hop to bass, techno and all flavours of house – and taking in a huge range of electronic and acoustic instrumentation, it’s everything you need to start making music today.

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