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TASCAM CD-A580 (Front view)
TASCAM CD-A580 (Front view)


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  • Cassette deck:One-way IC Logic transport control enables recording and playback
  • Dub from CDs
  • Dub from USB flash drive and recording from LINE Inputs
  • ±10% pitch control
  • Supported cassette tape types Playback: normal (TYPE I), chrome (TYPE II), metal (TYPE IV) Recording: normal (TYPE I), chrome (TYPE II)
  • Recommended tape length: 10 minutes to 90 minutes
  • Power-on recording/playback functions
  • CD Player:Playback of audio CDs, CD-R, CD-RW discs and data CDs (MP3 files) supported
  • Shuffle and program playback supported
  • Single/All Folder repeat playback
  • Power-on playback functions
  • USB flash drive recorder/player:Recording as MP3 files possible from CD, cassette and line input sources
  • MP3 file playback
  • Shuffle and program playback supported
  • Single/All Folder repeat playback
  • Manual file division (TAPE/LINE)
  • Power-on playback functions
  • General:Headphone jack with level control
  • Wireless remote control included
  • LCD display with level meters
  • 3U rackmount size
  • RoHS supported

Cassette, CD and USB Player/Recorder

Ideal for installation, this multi-format problem solver includes recording and archiving features.

The multi-purpose CD-A580 plays from cassette, CD, or USB flash media. Cassette and USB recording is also available, allowing cassettes to be archived to USB as MP3 files.

The CD-A580 combines a cassette recorder, CD player and USB flash drive recorder/player into a rack-mountable unit – perfect for installation and professional applications. Not only compatible with the most popular types of media, the CD-A580 allows cassette tapes to be dubbed to USB media for archival.


Single-direction logic-based transport control with outstanding stability and longevity

An IC Logic-based transport control is used for the cassette mechanism.

The transport was chosen to support years of professional use.

A wireless remote control operation and Power-on Recording/Playback mode are available.

Dub from CD to cassette

CDs can be recorded to blank cassette media. If desired, CD track order can be programmed before beginning recording.

Record the USB flash drive or line inputs

The USB media can be recorded to cassette. USB track order can also be programmed before capturing to cassette. Recording from the line inputs is also supported for cassette recording.

±10% Pitch Control

During cassette tape playback, the pitch can be adjusted up to ±10%.

Supported cassette tape types:

The following types of tapes are supported for recording and playback.

Playback: Normal (TYPE I), Chrome (TYPE II), Metal (TYPE IV)
Record: Normal (TYPE I), Chrome (TYPE II)


Playback of audio CDs, CD-R/CD-RW discs and data CDs (MP3 files) supported

The installation-grade CD player supports several CD formats for maximum flexibility. Standard audio CDs (CD-DA) are supported, as well as CD-R, CD-RW, and data CDs containing MP3 files. Repeat, shuffle and programmed playback are also included. In addition, the Power-on Playback function is available.


Dub from cassette to USB media as MP3 files

Cassette media can be captured to the USB drive as MP3 files, allowing analog masters to be saved and archived in a digital format. Audio from CDs, and the LINE inputs can also be recorded in the MP3 format to USB flash drives. When recording from a CD, each track is automatically made into a separate MP3 file. When recording audio from a tape or the LINE inputs, you can manually divide the MP3 files during recording.

MP3 audio file playback

Select a folder to play the MP3 files it contains. Repeat, shuffle and programmed playback are all included. In addition, the Power-on Playback function is available.

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