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TASCAM-TM180 Standard Model Condenser Microphone (front view)
TASCAM-TM180 Standard Model Condenser Microphone (front view)

Tascam TM-180 Standard Model Large Condenser Diaphragm Microphone

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TASCAM TM-180 Standard Model Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The more you know the tone of the condenser microphone, the more fun it gets!

In recording, microphone plays an important role, that is, converting the pneumatic vibration that turns the sound into electric signals. Of course, a preamplifier that amplifies the microphone signals, an AD converter that converts the sound into digital signals, and the DAW software that shapes the sound. All these gears are important after the recording stage. However, these gears work with the sound which has already been converted by the microphone. This means, the quality of a microphone determine the sound quality of the entire song.

To easily acquire high-precision sound in a home recording environment, why not starting from adding a condenser microphone in your recording gears?

The condenser microphone has a different structure from the dynamic microphone which can be easily seen everywhere. In general, the condenser mic has high-precision, subtle sound quality. Types of "large diaphragm" microphones, which have a large diaphragm that converts the sound to an electric signal, especially it has a unique tone that is suitable for lead vocal recordings.

TM-180 is the standard model in the TASCAM microphone series that have been tested with the TASCAM products, specialized in the bright sound quality. In addition to this, the product includes a professional-use suspension to avoid noise mixing due to the microphone vibration during recording.

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